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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Despite Trump Move on Climate Change, Utilities’ Shift From Coal Is Set to Continue/Wall ST Journal

This is good news.  Great news. And exactly what we expect given the best value KW's being put on our grids today are from renewables, and the gap is widening between clean energy and fossil fuel sources.

In life why go backwards?  Our world is now fully, happily invested in the clean energy economy. That is leading us to a great promise of digital economy.  Fossil fuel was great in powering the industrial revolution.  It can be part of the mix today, a bridge to 100% local, regional renewable sources.  But turning back to coal--what world does Trump live in?

Certainly not the one we want to live in.  

Curbs on carbon emissions may be eased, but companies are sticking with plans to invest in power from gas, wind and solar

The Trump administration’s expected move to roll back President Obama’s signature climate-change policy may extend the life of some aging coal-fired power plants, but companies and energy experts say it is unlikely to reverse the U.S. utility industry’s shift to natural gas, solar and wind as leading sources of electricity....
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