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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Spirit of Sustainability Shines on the Oscars/Renewable

Think about "the spirit of sustainability" as described here by our contributor, Azzura Catucci.  What is the heart of soul of this movement?  What is your spirit of sustainability?

Arts and culture lead us to deep reflection on what is deep in our heart on our commitment to give more than we take.  They shine a light inside  as well as outside.  Let the brilliant lights of the Oscars lead you to a greater performance of helping to build a cleaner, healthier future.

The stars made their way along the red carpet to attend the 89th Academy Awards ceremony  at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California last Sunday.  As they strolled through the paparazzi, cameras flashed, crowds cheered, and security kept a keen eye on everyone’s safety. This was my first time reporting from the Oscars,and I had more than just movies on my mind, I was on a mission to track down a story lead that I came across not too long ago. It was about the famous jewelry company Swarovski and how they were celebrating their 10th year of illuminating the Oscars, but this year, using over one million crystals to help make the stars shine on stage while also embracing the spirit of sustainability.

Before I got to see this incredible stage display, there was another story about Swarovski supporting sustainability at the Oscars, one that was very dear to my heart and our audience as well that was the Red Carpet Green Dress project. The Red Carpet Green Dress project was created by Suzy Amis Cameron to help stimulate sustainable design, global green education, and raise funds for the non-profit MUSE School CA and MUSE Global, which she founded with her sister, Rebecca Amis. What could be better than that? To help bring attention to Red Carpet Green Dress, Atelier Swarovski, a responsible fine jewelry collection made it’s debut that evening with along side Red Carpet Green Dress. It was beautiful and definitely got a lot of attention.

Now for those of you who follow RNN, you know how important the arts are to us and how they make a connection to sustainability. Their is no question that responsible companies also see the important connection and Swarovski is no exception. On the surface one may be be a smitten with the elegance and beauty of gorgeous jewelry, but in today’s day and age when social conscious purchasing is becoming the norm, people look much deeper at what they are buying. A s a matter of fact, Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio starred in a powerful film some years ago that showed the exploitation of workers: the violence, and abuse of children all related to the diamond industry, the film “Blood Diamond.” This film shed a light on an industry that many felt guilty for supporting. So today, with technology, you don’t necessarily need a block buster film to let you know the social practices of a company an active consumer does their homework. And I did my homework when it came to Swarovski; they have a lot to be proud of when it comes to being socially responsible.
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