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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

For tomorrow's show/J.M. Bergthorson/McGill University

There is a whole new world of biofuels, cars running on anything clean and away from fossil fuels and green highways and smart transportation systems.  We will get into all of that and much more with tomorrow's guest.  Please join us live at 1p...on the RNN Network.

Associate Professor
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology
M.Sc. California Institute of Technology
B.Sc. University of Manitoba

Research Interests

Primary Research Theme: Combustion and Energy Systems
Research Lab/Group: Alternative Fuels
The development of technologies that do not rely on fossil fuels is a major challenge facing society today. Our research program is aimed at the development and validation of models for the combustion properties of alternative and sustainable (bio-derived) fuels through a complementary experimental, computational, and analytical modeling approach. We are also investigating flames of a mixture of solid and gaseous fuels, combustion in heat recirculating burners for Stirling engine generators, the vaporization properties of biofuel/petrofuel blends, and the reaction of metal-water mixtures for hydrogen production.

Current Research Projects

  • Premixed flame studies of alternative and traditional fuels:
  • Non-premixed flame studies of alternative and traditional fuels:
  • Laser diagnostics for NO measurements
  • Temperature and species diagnostics using raman spectroscopy
  • Alternative-fuel ignition properties
  • Stirling-engine burner technologies for biomass cogeneration
  • Gas-solid heat transfer effects on flames in small channels
  • "Hybrid" flames of gaseous and solid fuels
  • Droplet vaporization of biofuel/petrofuel blends
  • Metal-water reaction for hydrogen production
  • Honours thesis projects
  • Graduate research projects

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