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Sunday, October 9, 2011

GE to bring solar-powered carports to a parking lot near you/Weekend Edition

GE is aggressively moving into green technology and sustainable products.  We've talked about their investment in electric recharging facilities, and now they are introducing solar carports for commercial and corporate carports.

We've believed that companies are going to be a huge influence, good or bad, on EV's taking hold.  These carports will be one piece of the infrastructure needed to make charging convenient.  This is really good news on our way to electric vehicles and away from imported oil.

The link:

Part of the story:  

GE teams up with Inovateus Solar to bolster presence in fast-expanding electric vehicle market

07 Oct 2011

"GE) and Inovateus Solar are working together to offer solar-powered carports equipped with charging stations for electric cars - a concept that enables large-scale EV charging in commercial and corporate parking lots without a huge draw on the grid.
GE makes EV chargers and combiner boxes for solar power systems, and Inovateus makes solar-powered carports.
Tthis week at the Greenbuild conference, dovetails GE's expanded R&D relationship with Nissan to develop technology that will link electric cars, homes and ideally residential renewable power sources with a smarter grid.
EV charging stations are beginning to sprout up in the United States as the push for electric cars accelerates. With that effort, however, comes a growing concern that a surge in EV adoption will overload the existing power grid unless something is done to manage when charging occurs - or to offset or entirely avoid such a drain.
By integrating EVs into home energy systems, an electric car could serve as potential power source to "give back" to the grid when necessary. With solar power also in a home, the energy system could supplement the grid rather than draw from it. A solar-powered carport charging system could do the same..."

Good economics when you are giving back power to the Grid.


  1. My heads up to this new innovation for carports! I've found the concept very ideal and excellent. A solar-powered carport charging system is a very smart idea!

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  3. That's a really great, innovative idea. I think a solar powered carport would be a great way to make a charging station for drivers. I'm excited to see where the future takes us.