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Monday, October 31, 2011

Terra Pass Program

IF you have never used an offset program, here is a chance to balance some of you environmental impact and celebrate Halloween.  

We like offset groups like Terra Pass.  By using their calculations and contributing to them based on your carbon emissions, combing your car travel, home and pleasure/business travel, you can easily do your part in pushing renewable energy projects, and can move us all to a more sustainable future.

So, we share the below announcement with you and encourage you to join in on the promotion...and, of course, enjoy your candy bar.

It's an email from TerraPass -- and you'll never see the pretty pictures if you don't click on "display images"!

Today ONLY: Get a FREE chocolate bar when you offset your car for a year*

If you don't own a car, offset your mummy's
PLUS an even sweeter deal for our Prius drivers - email us for details.
Spread the word! 2 3

Save our planet. It's the only one with chocolate on it...
*CO2 emissions and offset equivalent calculated based on average sized vehicle with 10,000 annual driving miles. Limited-time offer expires October 31, 2011 at midnight EST. Offer good while supplies last. Limited to one chocolate bar per custome

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