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Friday, October 21, 2011

Update and thanks to Susan Korte

We normally update the blog daily, but wanted to run the announcements on the Sierra Club show and our move to TV for a couple of days as they are both important milestones.  Our thanks to the guests from the Sierra Club who helped us garner a huge, global audience for this week's premier of their show.

We thank all of you, too, for tuning in.

A few updates now.  We are fortunate to be working with lots of great groups and people.  We are happy to promote them and their events as they do for our shows.  This is not restricted to any region.  We are happy to take content from anywhere in the world.

Our thanks to Susan Korte for her efforts in promoting lots of important material.  We'd like to share her sites and listings so you can find them as well:

Susan Korté
The Providential Gardener
PO Box 2556
Providence, RI 02906

Free Listings!

What Grows On in Rhode Island Calendar

Providential Gardener

Also, from Terra Pass this week, read about using social media to reduce home energy costs.  Here's the link:


Social media to the home energy rescue


New Facebook app will let users monitor their energy use and compete to reduce electricity bills.

Again, the convergent of  technology and environmental management creating economic gain (for those who use the device, of course).  We'd love to hear from you if you jump in and use the app to save money at home.

Lots more going on this week, and we will report on that this weekend.   

Thank you, too, to the sponsors of the Waste for Warmth e-waste fundraiser that Arpin Group will co-host tomorrow.  See you there with a live broadcast on WARL 1320AM  

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