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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Your Actions Matter/The Nature Conservancy

While on the road we found this announcement that we wanted to share with our viewers.  As you've seen previously, we love to promote collective efforts to conserve resources, which is one of the keystones to any economy...anywhere in the world.  Just look at the lack of water's impact on farming worldwide.

The Nature Conservancy in uniting millions, hopefully, for a healthy planet through its new program, All Hands on Earth.  You will find lots more about the program at

Here's some of what you will find:

You want to save the world but it seems like a lot of work. Now you don't have to do it all on your own; we're divvying the duties into bite-sized pieces.
One person taking a shorter shower could save 20 gallons of clean drinking water, but will that really have an Earth-shattering impact? Probably not. But if we get thousands of people to lather and rinse, but skip the repeat, suddenly those gallons start to really add up.
That’s the idea behind All Hands on Earth. We’re building a community to take action together.
We know the problems facing our planet seem daunting and discouraging, we feel overwhelmed ourselves. It’s hard to know where to start and often the right thing to do seems too difficult, or too confusing, or too small to truly have an impact.

All Hands on Earth will give you plenty of opportunities to make a difference.

Not every action will involve a lifestyle change like composting. Sometimes we’ll just ask you to go on an outdoor treasure hunt with the kids. Why? Because we think it’s just as important to fix our broken relationship with nature. When we appreciate nature we’re more likely to fight for it.
We’ll constantly be adding more ideas. Most will be simple things you can do in five minutes or less. We might ask you to share something with your friends, or take a cool picture, or watch a video. We won’t ask you to spend thousands of dollars to put solar panels on your roof (though it would be cool if you did).
And we want to hear from you. Follow us on Twitter@AllHandsonEarth, and Like our Facebook page. When you have an idea share it. Maybe you’ll inspire another member of the community. Or maybe we’ll steal it and promote it on our website, giving you full credit of course.
Thanks for helping us get All Hands on Earth. Now go have some fun saving the planet!
Reshaping our lifestyles into a sustainable future, which includes saving money as we do so, is a basic, simple, step-by-step process that we can easily pass on to future generations.  Living smart brings financial gains...personally and professionally.  How cool to so so under an umbrella program that collectively will significantly, positively impact the world?
We will do a future show on this effort.  We look forward to sharing some great, inspiring stories. 

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