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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Listen to last week's radio show


Some background:  Should Education In Sustainability Start In Our Elementary Schools?

At Renewable Now, we are a huge advocate of educating people in the environment and sustainability. Sustainable education, we feel should start at a young age and be ingrained into people in order that it becomes a way of life for them. This would also prepare them to make the work force better and more productive.

This show presents this case and drives it home from the elementary school level children to college and work force entry level young adults.

To help us drive this home, we positioned some great guests that visited with us in this very special show. Jim Murphy who is the Sustainability director of education along with Mark DeMoranville who is the Acting Director of the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable living was in our radio studios .  We first spoke to Gilda Wheeler who is the Program Supervisor of Sustainability and Science Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in Washington State.   

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