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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our thanks to National Geographic Magazine

For publishing some great articles on line on the environment and sustainability (take a look at their story on Mexico City's infrastructure changes that turned their traffic nightmare into a commuter paradise).  The stories are very diverse.  Here's a link to that section of their site:

One story that caught our attention was this one on The Great Energy Challenge.  Are you up to the challenge?  Take a look and let us know:

Photo: Aerial view of a city at night

About the Great Energy Challenge

Like food, air, and water, energy is essential to human existence. The hopes of billions for a better life depend on plentiful and accessible sources of energy. But with the world’s population fast approaching seven billion, how do we meet the growing demand for energy in a responsible, equitable, and sustainable way? It’s a question we must ask ourselves as a society and as individuals. That’s why National Geographic, in partnership* with Shell, has launched The Great Energy Challenge.
The Great Energy Challenge is an important National Geographic initiative designed to help all of us better understand the breadth and depth of our current energy situation.
National Geographic has assembled some of the world’s foremost researchers and scientists to help tackle the challenge. Led by Thomas Lovejoy, a National Geographic conservation fellow and renowned biologist, the team of advisers will work together to identify and provide support for projects focused on innovative energy solutions.
Learn more about The Great Energy Challenge Panel of Advisors here.
By joining The Great Energy Challenge, we can all make a positive difference in this crucial decade and change how we think about and consume energy.
The Great Energy Challenge website is a one-stop resource where you can participate actively. Get started now!
This project will continue to evolve, so be sure to check back often—you’ll find more interactive features, more partners and many more ways to get involved.
Decisions we make now will profoundly affect the natural world and the quality and sustainability of our lives.
Be a part of the solution. Take part in the Challenge.

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