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Friday, September 27, 2013

We are always happy to help promote national events with the Sierra Club

And, as we did last  year, we want to tell you about Plug-in Day, coming up this weekend, and share with you the great news on the clear, unmistakable rise in EV sales.  Take a look at this post from Sierra Club:

As you may know, this weekend is the third annual National Plug In Day. People will be checking out EVs for themselves at events in about 90 US cities. I hope you'll register for an event near you at!

One way to spread the word is to read, share, tweet, and comment on this Sierra Club blog post (it will be re-posted on Huffington Post). Sierra Club has been thrilled to collaborate with Plug In America and the Electric Auto Association -as well as many other local partners -to organize this effort. I wanted to send out a big shout-out to Sierra Club volunteer extraordinaire Dan Redmond who has done a terrific job supporting local event organizers



This weekend the third annual National Plug in Day celebrates surging electric car sales at more than 90 events. Today, less than three years after electric vehicles arrived on the mass market, more than 130,000 Americans are driving EVs. With more than a dozen models now on the road, EV sales have been rising by about 200 percent a year.
Ever wondered what it's like to drive an electric car? Ever wanted to talk to someone who is not a car dealer about how these cars are charged, and which cars are the most reliable or lowest in emissions? Want to hear how 130,000 Americans like the electric cars they are already driving daily? National Plug In Day events will take place Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29 across the United States, plus Amsterdam and Mexico City. The fact is, people who are already driving electric cars love them and want to show them off. More than 1,700 EV drivers have already signed up to participate at these events nationwide, and thousands more of the EV-curious will attend, too. You can register for an event near you here.

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