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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carbon Day, Proterra Bus Co and other thoughts for tomorrow/Part 2

Did you know we are starting to make the transition to electric buses?  Tomorrow we talk to a US-based manufacturer of bus EV's, Mike Hennessy from Proterra Inc in SC.  Here's some more info on their company.  Tune in tomorrow, 1p, WARL 1320 to learn a lot more:

"Proterra was founded by Dale Hill in 2004 with a vision to design and manufacture world-leading, advanced technology heavy-duty vehicles powered solely by clean domestic fuels.  After launching the first and most successful fleet of alternative fuel buses in the 1990s (the 16th Street Mall buses in Denver, CO, that are still running today), Hill formed Proterra to develop and deliver the “bus of tomorrow” to meet a need expressed by the Federal Transit Administration.  With the launch of our fast charge EcoRide™ BE35 battery electric bus, Proterra has become the leading innovator of zero-emission commercial vehicle solutions. Proterra’s products help transit agencies deliver clean, quiet running, rider and neighborhood-friendly vehicles that also meet government regulations and local mandates. In fact, we are currently recognized by the California Air Resources Board as the first company that is currently delivering a full-size transit vehicle that meets California’s Zero Emission Bus Rules."

How about this for good data on fuel and emission savings?:

Transit Agency Usage Attributes

  • Operate up to 20 hours per day
  • Scheduled stops for 10 mintues or more per hour
  • Average speed and distance between 5-20 miles per hour
  • Top speed under 65

Transit Agency Needs

  • Reduced fuel use
  • Easier and lower cost maintenance
  • Reduced number of vehicles purchased
  • Increased ridership
  • Lower emissions
  • Quieter vehicles
  • Use of easy-to-access fuel types
  • Lightweight vehicles for longer lasting roads
  • Longer lasting vehicles
  • Safer vehicles
  • No new demands on drivers

Electric Cutaway

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