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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Recycled Hotel on WINGS

(Sorry these blogs came back-to-back but Blogger was not coorperating last night and this is our only chance to blog today during our travels out west.)

From our update to the front page of our site this week--great story.  Here's a link to our main site so you can read this and so much more, and listen or watch archived radio and TV shows.  If you are an expert, contact us so we can tell your story to our over 200,000 listeners/viewers per month:

By the way we have an incredible radio show running today at 1p on WARL 1320AM, over the air and on-line.  Today marks a historical moment for RN as we launch a wonderful, inspirational spiritual channel of our network.  We will repeat the show this Friday on WARL, maybe on Sunday, talk about it next Weds as we go back to live radio (which we do weekly unless traveling), and then introduce a permanent radio show devoted to the spiritual side of RN a week from this Friday.

We'd love to have you tune in, send us comments and help us find the bonds that bring people, from all over the world, back to nature and a clean, bright future for our incredible planet.  

Listen in:

The Recycled Hotel On Wings!

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane...well, yes, it's a plane that also happens to be a 2 bedroom hotel suite constructed with a real 1965 Boeing 727 fuselage as part it's structure. A most interesting and unique example of repurposing old tech for new use beyond the trash heap (or recycling yard in the case of most planes)

The 727 Fuselage Home at Hotel Costa Verdes is located in Costa Rica inside a national park, available to rent for, sporting accommodations much more plush than the plane's original aviation origins. Any "turbulence" to be provided by occupants (but you don't earn Mile High Club points really):

Cost Verde salvaged this airframe, piece by piece, from its San Jose airport resting place. We carefully transported the pieces on five, big-rig trucks to the jungles of Manuel Antonio where they have been resurrected into a unique jumbo hotel suite. Our classic airplane, nestled on the edge of the National Park in our Costa Verde II area, is perched on a 50-foot pedestal. At this height, you will enjoy scenic ocean and jungle views from the hard wood deck built atop the plane's former right wing. The plane's interior is Costa Rican teak paneling from the cockpit to the tail. Furnishings are hand-carved, teak furniture from Java, Indonesia. Our 727 home features two air conditioned bedrooms--one with two queen sized beds and the other with one queen sized bed, each with its own private bath—a flat screen TV, a kitchenette, dining area foyer; an ocean view terrace; a private entrance up a river rock, spiral staircase; and 360 degrees of surrounding gardens. 

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