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Friday, October 18, 2013

What does a city sustainability director look and sound like?

One of our goals is to talk to as many municipal and corporate sustainability directors as possible.  It is insightful to compare their agenda's, their different focus and how they implement policies towards positive change.

This week on our main site, we release a recorded  version of a live show we ran recently with the sustainability director from Providence, RI, Sheila Dormody.  My co-host that week was Seth Handy, one of the great environmental lawyers in RI and a true energy, efficiency expert.

Enjoy the show and join each Weds live on WARL 1320 for our radio show:


Providence, Rhode Island has made itself a better city because it respects its environment.  

As recent as December of 2011, Mayor Angel Tavares selected Sheila Dormody to serve as the City's first Director of Sustainability. Sheila comes to the City by way of the environmental advocacy group Clean Water Action, where she served most recently as New England co-director. The Sustainability Director's responsibilities include identifying opportunities to reduce the City's energy costs, working with community groups to establish the City's first comprehensive sustainability action plan, transitioning the City to the new Recycle Together program, and other projects.

We had the pleasure of having Sheila visit us to talk about this unique new position and why it's so important.  

Sheila emphasized that one of the important roles of this new office is to balance the needs of this generation without sacrificing the needs of future generations. This comes after the city of Providence just came back from bankruptcy. Sustainability has now become a big part of the solution, both economically and environmentally. The city's strategies in accomplishing its sustainable goals are in six key areas. They are energy, transportation, waste, water, food and land use. The Mayor released these goals at this past year's Earth Day. Shelia had mentioned that part of the city's growing success is not to only learn from its economical strengths, but to also look into strengthening its weaknesses. 

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  1. Thank you again for another” feel good, uplifting, that there are good people in this world story”. We read so many stories that are negative about people and what they do to others. A random act of kindness is always such a great thing to hear about. Peace and blessings.