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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Later today, interview with CEO of Living Homes, Steve Glenn

Read more about him here and listen for his chat with us on and our radio partners, including flagship, WRNP 1320.

    As a kid, I had books on Frank Lloyd Wright and built cities out of Legos.  I wanted to be an architect.   Sadly, I discovered in college that I had neither the talent nor temperament to pursue this demanding career.   Fortunately, there, I learned about Jim Rouse, who developed real estate in an enlightened way, successfully addressing urban problems.   I realized that developers, not architects, control what gets created in the built environment, and I concluded that I should become a developer like Rouse who could wed profit and purpose in my work.  After a career of mostly technology startups, I felt it was time.
    Here's what we're doing.  We work with leading architects to create lines of homes that feature modern form and functionality and an unprecedented level of healthy/sustainability materials and energy systems.  Ray Kappe, FAIA - one of my favorite all time architects -- designed our first line of LivingHomes; and the first we built (see below) was the first residence in the nation to receive LEED® platinum, the highest level of certification from the United States Green Building Council.  We're using high volume, factory production to increase the quality of our homes as we reduce their cost, schedule, and construction waste, compared to those that are similarly constructed on site.  We're selling our homes to owners and home builders with land, and throughcommunities we and other groups are developing.
    Our mission is to create homes and communities that inspire people, foster family and community interaction, and make modern life easier, healthier and more comfortable -- all in ways that compliment and enhance the municipalities and environments in which we work.  We hope our products will set a standard for the positive impact they have on soil, water, energy and health - and we're using the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED®) certification system so we, and you, can measure how we're doing.
    We are deeply committed to our mission; it reflects both the values of theLivingHomes' team and advisors as well as the customers we aim to reach.  Responding to demand, we plan to introduce increasingly more affordable homes, with smaller ecological footprints.
    We do hope you like our homes - enough to live in!  Please join our mailing list. We really want your feedback, so please do write us.

    Steve Glenn
    CEO, LivingHomes

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