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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Watch: Climate Change Doc Narrated by Ian Somerhalder

Very interesting.   Have a good weekend.

Ian Somerhalder narrates UN's climate change documentary

At the beginning of September, actor and environmentalist Ian Somerhalderunveiled his narration of a new climate change documentary developed by the United Nations. Well, it’s officially here and we can all watch it online!
“Climate Heroes: Stories of Change” depicts the stories of nine different people all across the globe, including China, Kenya, India, Australia, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico and Ghana, focusing on their global projects working toward a low-carbon, climate resilient future.
Here’s a glimpse how each country is contributing:
  • India: It provides solar lighting to the city’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Ghana: First, there is the Bamboo Bikes Initiative. Then, we have the Recycle Not a Waste program, which employs the disadvantaged in poor urban communities to turn recyclable waste into eco-friendly goods.
  • Australia: Their goal is to get one million women to save energy, cut pollution and reduce waste in their daily lives.
  • Bangladesh: The organization ActionAid is leading change from the ground up.
  • Kenya: The Boma Project helps women adapt to climate change by starting small businesses that help reduce their economic dependence on land threatened by drought.
  • Mexico: The government is partnering with development banks to encourage housing developers to design homes that will decrease our carbon footprint.
  • The Philippines: The Sustainable Energy Finance program is teaching banks the ins and outs of clean energy.
  • China: The Clean Development Mechanism is a national climate fund leveraging private sector investments to clean energy projects and supporting low-carbon growth.
With it being Climate Week in NYC, this is the perfect time to educate anyone and everyone on the importance of battling climate change and showing how people can make a difference.
As the documentary showcases, action can be taken, green jobs can be created, entrepreneurship can be inspired and we can create ripples that spread across communities and economies.

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