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Monday, April 24, 2017

Apple to start mass production of micro-LED displays by 2018

Another major shift to smaller and more efficient technology.  Apple helps lead the way to LED lighting displays.

Apple to start mass production of micro-LED displays by 2018

Apr 21, 2017: Apple is all set to start production of a small amount of micro-LED displays from a northern Taiwan facility by 2017 end. The company will use them in its new Apple watches.
Apple will start mass production of energy-efficient micro-LED displays at the Taoyuan plant from 2018. According to industry analysts, this will put pressure on its rival display manufactures like Samsung and LG Display.
Apple will test micro-LED displays in its small size Apple watch before it uses them on larger devices like iPhones and iPads. Apple is likely to use micro-LED display on its smartphones after experimenting the panel on the Apple watch.
Micro-LED is a new display technology that is emerging fast. Since Apple acquired LuxVue Technology, a US-based micro-LED display manufacturer in 2014, the company has been investing in it to develop the technology and start mass production.
Although Apple has not revealed any details, the Apple building in Longtan District, Taoyuan was opened in 2015. It is reported that Apple has also recruited engineers to develop the new display technology.
Industry insiders pointed out that if Apple switches to micro-LED panels for its new Apple watch, LG Display, the sole supplier of OLED panels for Apple’s smartwatches, will be affected.
Currently, manufactures of micro-LED displays are making efforts to cut down the production cost. The potential scale of the future micro-LED market could reach US$30~40 billion.

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