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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Divine Mercy and Earth Day

We hope Divine Mercy weekend leads to a great Earth Week for you.  Should it?  What is the connection, if any?

Earth Day is 47 years old.  Divine Mercy flowed the first time 2000 years ago.  But it was not fully understood until told in detail many years later to Saint Faustina.  One of the greatest champions of Divine Mercy was Pope John Paul II.  No one radiated love and mercy more than Pope John Paul II.

Today there are millions dedicated to the preservation of both our physical and spiritual homes.  In so many ways we have destroyed both.  Is it because we are cavalier about our gifts and blessings?  Do we not cherish our natural beauty and the beauty of our untarnished souls?  Is there a faith element to our hopes, dreams of building a sustainable future.

Undoubtedly, yes.  Love of nature is missionary.  Giving more than you take is benevolence.  Grace is building a cleaner future others.  Most of whom you will never meet or know.  And the work of saving the planet and souls is done in community...not alone...together.  Not one but many.  Billions of hands restore water and soil.  Billions of prays restoring souls.

These challenges make us all students again.  We don't know it all.  We make lots of mistakes.  We misjudge.  We depend on the wrong principles and people at times.  We over consume which gets us into trouble on both sides.

Yes, these journeys of restoration are true gifts from God.  They offer us redemption.  They inspire us, fill us with warmth, ignite our hearts and bring unbridled happiness.  Not just happiness.  They shower us with grace and mercy.  They open doors to new friends.  They build trust.  Mostly they rekindle, so it overflows, our faith.

Perhaps there is no greater time in life to celebrate Earth Week and Divine Mercy.  Our lives are full of promise.  Our opportunities to excel seem endless.  We can move mountains.  We can move at warp speed.

What, then, stands in our way?  Selfishness, arrogance, a failure to offer global social and economic unwillingness to listen, to be humble, to find common ground.  Those times we fail to collaborate dooms us to failure.

The US is a hotbed for being guardians of our eco system and converts to Divine Mercy and consecrations to Blessed Mother and Holy Spirit?  Coincidence?  No.  Both take armies of believers.  There is massive transformation required in each to change the world.  Education, promotion, extolling to the masses is key on both fronts.  Believers need a vision.  They must wait a very long time for rewards.  Patience.

What is the single greatest common theme?  Health?  Short term, long terms, eternity.  Health of the mind, body, spirit soul.  People and Earth in balance.  Living clean.  Carrying the goals of Earth Day and Divine Mercy beyond a few days is a very tough fight.  There will be many dark days along the way.  But when you get to the light, the radiance of success, life will indeed be eternal.

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