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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Good News from Sierra Club on Drive Electric

Drive Electric

There have been some exciting electric vehicle (EV)-related news items recently, including some that haven't gotten the attention they deserve. For example, when the US Conference of Mayors unanimously passed its 100% clean energy commitment recently, it included vehicle electrification components. Sierra Club's EV and Ready for 100 Campaigns created this factsheet to help activists and city officials urge their cities to make 100% clean transportation commitments. I hope you'll use it in your city. 

In global EV news, Volvo has committed to only come out with new car models by 2019 that are "electrified" in some way, though Green Car Reports' editor John Voelker provides a sobering take on that announcement. What seems truly magnifique is that France pledged to ban all diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2040, and the UK has moved to do so by 2050

We've published a couple of EV articles recently on Vice Impact, Huffington Post, and Sierra Club Compass that we think you'll find interesting and that we hope you'll share: 

1) Lyft Will Provide 1 Billion Autonomous Electric Car Rides Per Year By 2025 

2) Driving an Electric Car is One Way to Resist Trump's Climate Attacks 

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