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Monday, July 3, 2017

Independence Day, 2017

American Flag Images

Happy Birthday, America.  You look great at 234.

Celebrating birthdays means you are looking back at achievements, and mapping what you hope is a bright future.  As the US does that, will this still pretty young country look to completely transform its path to excellence?  Will it use pillars of sustainability to map its future success?

We certainly hope so.  Unfortunately there's been a big sea change in DC around this issue so the road just got rockier.  Leadership will now come from the private sector and many state and local governments.  Which is fine.  Better to spread out the tentacles of change.  Let the foundation be many rocks instead of one big boulder.

Social and economic equity begins at home.  America first must rebuild their middle class and the core jobs that employ many.  Her investments, from this day forward, should be in clean energy, clean tech, smart city and resilience.  Her financial engines should run on as few natural resources as possible.

America must lead with its heart and intellect.  Her brain trust and leadership is world class.  Her level of collaboration between private/public, business/non-profit, academia/faith organizations is ground breaking.  All the pieces are there for this wealthy, smart nation to lead the world to a cleaner, healthier future.  

What better way to celebrate a birthday?  What better to get older and wiser?  What better way to bring together many for a celebration of a milestone much bigger than a simple birthday?  And for each of us as we come upon the start of our next 12 months, can we resolve to equally invest in living a balanced life and a daily concern for the planet?

God Bless America as she stands tall tomorrow.

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