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Friday, July 14, 2017

Hybrid Power Plant/Lavancha

We bring you an in depth look at some great, new power plant technology.

Notice this seismic shift to hybrid technology throughout many industries and applications;  ranging from cars to buildings to power plants.  Bringing efficiency to multiple applications using combined technology is a milestone in our leap to a new, more vibrant, smarter economy.

Hybrid Power Plant is an integrated hybrid energy solution of harnessing both the sunlight on-site and wind energy available from low altitudes in urban and rural environments.  The system integrates solar and wind energy systems to capture complementary solar and wind resources.

Hybrid Power Plant system is based on a modular, scalable, distributed renewable energy system designed and optimized for On and Off-grid installations. At its core is a highly efficient wind energy device, utilizing three (3) low-profile vertical axis wind turbines mounted on a single base. The units can be interconnected to increase a user’s energy production capability in low and turbulent wind environments. The turbines are silent and Omni-directional which mean they accept and operate with wind from all directions

The Solar Energy system consists integrated Solar Panels on the same mounting structure with electronics and inverters to capture the natural daylight to convert Solar Energy to electricity.
The Hybrid Power Plant generators are controlled by the system onboard electronics. There is the mechanical break system to protect the system from extreme weather conditions.

Hybrid Power Plant allows customers access to use clean and renewable energy sources for all their energy needs with reduced energy costs and lowering the overall environmental impact. These are available in aesthetically pleasing colors that fit the customer specifications.

Different Installation Configurations

The product is installed in the prevailing wind direction to make the maximum use of the available wind optimally at 45 degrees of perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction at elevated heights away from obstructions and where plenty of sunlight is available. Also since the product generates significant high wind forces, the different installation configurations should withstand the tensile and compressive forces.
Grid Tied
In this case the bank of batteries is connected to a Grid tie inverter which connects to the grid. The inverter pushes power back to the grid as the battery is fully charged.
Off-grid Storage
In this case the bank of batteries is connected to a Non-Grid tie inverter which powers the AC devices. A voltage converter could also be used to power DC powered devices. An important thing to note is, there could be wastage of energy if the loads are not continuously discharging the batteries.
Performance Advantages:
  • Economical: Lowest price per watt of comparable renewable energy devices.
  • Reliable: WindStream’s Wind and Hybrid Solar Platforms provide a power consistency unmatched by other standalone wind and solar platforms.
  • Smart: Integrated Electronics allow for independent MPPT by turbine and panel with a smart bus control system
    • Easy Installation – Plug & Play
    • Maintenance free
    • 24 hour Power Generation
    • Modular / Scalable
  • Produces More Energy per sq ft area.
  • Suitable to both on and off grid applications
  • Easy power generation monitoring using online tools
  • Power generation starting at 2 m/s wind speed.

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