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Friday, June 2, 2017

CoreLogic: 26,425 homes at risk to storm surge damage in R.I./PBN

The reality of coastal development coming up against more intense weather systems.   How do we protect this valuable real estate?   Are certain areas now rendered uninhabitable and need to be a protective shelf?

Each coastline offers unique environmental challenges.  The financial value of those homes and buildings can be staggeringly high.  So, either way there is a major investment to make. In a small state like RI, 26,000+ homes are risk is a huge number.  Families disrupted and rooted out of their homes, communities partially destroyed, infrastructure cratered.  

Balancing the environment and eco-system is the best investment in mitigating risk and building a sustainable future across all terrain. 

PROVIDENCE - Storm surges are estimated to threaten 26,425 homes in the Ocean State according to a report released by CoreLogic Inc. on Thursday. Rhode Island ranks No. 17 in the nation for both the number of at-risk homes and for reconstruction cost of at-risk homes damaged by storm surges. The combined reconstruction cost value…

26,425 SINGLE FAMILY HOMES in Rhode Island are at risk for storm surge damage. / COURTESY CORELOGIC

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