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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ronn Motor Group Launches Regulation A+ Mini-IPO To Fund Next Generation Of Globally Conscious Vehicles/For Today's Show

We will be live today from 1-2P, ET with Ronn's founder and CEO, Ronn Ford.  Mr. Ford will tell us the story of building the cars of today, and how hydrogen fits into our transportation future.

Company Seeks to Raise Growth Capital to Evolve Its Hydrogen-Assisted Roadster Platform into an All-Electric Model with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extender

Ronn Ford and the Scorpion.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.May 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Ronn Motor Group, Inc. (RMG / RONN Motor Group), the automotive company behind the eco-friendly Scorpion, featuring one of the most advanced real-time hydrogen fuel enhancement systems to date, announced a Regulation A+ Mini-IPO that gives anyone the opportunity to invest in its company. RONN Motor Group plans to evolve the Scorpion into an all-electric roadster called the Phoenix through its equity crowdfunding effort. The Phoenix, equipped with a hydrogen range extender intended for a total estimated range of 600 miles, will serve as the platform for RMG's eco-daily drivers (EDDs), the next generation of affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as minibuses and commercial trucks.
RONN Motor Group, having caught the attention of car enthusiasts around the world with its innovative, style-driven designs and technological breakthroughs, is setting the automotive industry on a new path and inviting everyday investors to participate. With the reveal of the Phoenix and plans for applying RMG's technology across multiple vehicle lines, RONN Motor Group is poised to become a market leader in the world of sustainable transportation.
"Over the past several years, the world has seen the rise of renewable fuel alternatives from private and public market participants as well as the support of state and federal government agencies in the US and abroad, and the future is even brighter," said Ronn Ford, founder and CEO of RONN Motor Group. "We're excited to be in a position to extend this investment opportunity to like-minded individuals to take part in the company's vision for the transportation industry at such a relevant time in history. What you're investing in is technology that will drive the next generation of environmentally conscious vehicles. We don't have millions and millions to take on the big automakers, but with the recent changes to securities law, we can band together with anyone who believes in our mission to develop new automotive and transportation designs that reduce the negative effects on our earth, our health and our quality of life."
Ronn Ford is creating environmentally friendly vehicles that are worthy of the most passionate car enthusiasts and building a business that everyone can fully support. RONN Motor Group seeks to raise $50 million under Regulation A+ to support research, development, testing and marketing that will enable RMG to manufacture its all-electric vehicles on a worldwide scale. Individuals interested in learning more about this Regulation A+ investment opportunity can visit
About Ronn Motor Group, Inc.Ronn Motor Group, Inc., founded in 2013, is a dynamic automotive designer, developer and manufacturer, using and creating transportation platforms that support leading-edge electric, hydrogen, autonomous and connective technologies. RMG's high-quality, premium automobiles will showcase futuristic technologies and state-of-the-art performance while maintaining a global conscience. Visit

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