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Monday, June 5, 2017

Good data on green economy job creation

Sent to us by Earth Day Network:

Today, President Trump cemented his position as the worst and most dangerous president in US history and dragged America to a shameful new low.
Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord not only removes the US from the community of nations and ends America's historic global leadership, it also kills economic growth and squanders millions of jobs of today and tomorrow.
Americans 5 to 1 and just about every Fortune 500 company and financial institution favor staying in the Paris Climate Accord and they're right. Here are some facts:
  • We've got 2.6 million US jobs in solar energy and more than half of them are in states that voted for Trump.
  • Renewable energy employment grew by 18% just between 2015 and 2016.
  • 3.4 million Americans are directly employed by the clean energy industries including energy efficiency, smart grid, energy storage, electric power from renewables, renewable fuels production, and the electric, hybrid, and hydrogen-based vehicle industries.
  • Another 2.2 million jobs come from the energy efficiency, green appliance and green building subsectors.
  • By comparison, coal provides only 160,000 jobs and petroleum provides about 500,000 jobs.
Cities of the future will be hubs of smart, connected, green innovation. But if Trump has his way, those cities will be Tokyo and Dubai, while US cities under Trump hang tragically onto the fossil fuel past.
Why are we giving away jobs and leadership of the future? Where would we be if Carnegie, Ford and Edison didn't believe in scientific advancement, steel, motorized transportation and electric lights?
Mr. President, this is not one of your real estate deals. This is a gigantic job-killing blunder.
Earth Day Network will never give up fighting for your jobs and your future. Stay strong, stand up to Trump. Join Earth Day Network, and fight.
-- The Earth Day Network Team

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