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Friday, June 30, 2017

UK to trial mesh sensor system with LED streetlighting to make it smart lighting/Biz/Led

Smart City technology is a collection of big improvements in sensors, lighting, security, management of data.  Here we see a combination of LED and fine mesh doing the trick of creating smart lighting in the UK.

UK to trial mesh sensor system with LED streetlighting to make it smart lighting

June 30, 2017: With councils in UK facing challenges with large-scale budget cuts, they are considering using a mesh sensor system, that can be installed in the existing streetlights, to reduce costs.
UK is expected to turn into a full-fledged smart city within the next decade. A most advanced smart city system will be soon trialled in Essex.
Essex County Council is currently trialling a Philips mesh system, a single multi-purpose product, to find out if it can be put into streetlights that will serve both as a streetlight and as an Internet of Things (IoT) device.
It is expected that this advanced technology will help the council to improve traffic management abilities, and successfully record and manage roadside pollution levels.
This technology will help to manage traffic as well as gather data to help to inform decision making about how local infrastructure is been maintained. It is hoped that the data collected by the sensor network could be used to decide what kind of road surface is put down, which is otherwise an expensive affair.
This advances sensor put in the LED streetlights can reduce energy costs and limited maintenance cost significantly. As a result, it will prompt an overall reduction in running costs over time.
Philips has provided the smart sensors to Essex authority free of cost for the trial.
It is expected that the information collected by the sensors placed in 50 m stretches will give the council much better information than they have been able to collect in the past.

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