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Friday, June 16, 2017

New Sustainability Book Offers Blueprint for the Future Planet/RNN

This is the first time we are highlighting a book.  We like the simplicity and directness.  For each of us the question is always, how can we help?  What is a sustainable life?  How do we contribute to our community and planet.

Here's a good starting point on clarifying those questions and concerns:

Morgan James‘s new release, Our Peaceful Planet: Healing Ourselves and Our World for a Sustainable Future by Yasmin Davar, guides everyday people, businesses and governments alike to create a peaceful and sustainable world, starting with transformation on the individual level.

 Humans often wonder why there is always war in the world. They wonder how humans are able to cause so much destruction, why there is so much inequality in the world, or why very little has changed despite all of the effort poured into establishing an environmentally sustainable planet. Environmental engineer Yasmin Davar introduces extraordinary ideas to answer these questions with the potential to transform individual lives and the planet.

 Our Peaceful Planet: Healing Ourselves and Our World for a Sustainable Future provides a practical healing framework for the whole world, starting with how people can change the beliefs that cause them to be destructive in their own lives and in their own world, and extending to the actions that they can take to create global peace and environmental and economic sustainability. As each part of the world—beliefs, governance, the environment, industries and the economy—dynamically interacts, Davar provides a complete solution by considering all of those interactions in totality....

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