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Monday, December 2, 2013

Can we save what we destroy?

We applaud Leonardo DiCaprio's generous gift (3m) to try and help save the tigers.  The stunning stat in all of this is that there are only 3200 tigers left worldwide.  How did that happen?  What would life be like without that beautiful, majestic animal running effortlessly through the jungles?  Or, if we lose other species?

We've been reporting on colony collapse and the potential destruction of bees.  There goes 60% of what we eat.

In so many ways, we are at a crossroads of long-term survival.  Restoring a balance between the environment and economy is now paramount.  We have the ability to do more with less.  We can drive down energy use and waste.  We can, as IBM says, build a smarter planet.  We can stop the destruction of natural resources and animals.

This is the time of year to fill with thanks and gratitude, give back, reconcile the good and bad of 2013 and prepare for a new year.  Let's leave behind, this Dec, greed, wanton consumer excess, our disconnect with our most important eco-system, our planet, and build a 7 billion strong green team that bridges a sustainable future across our wonderful globe.

tiger dicaprio

Following up on a $1M donation made back in 2010Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation today announced an additional $3M gift to the World Wildlife Fund to help double Nepal’s tiger population.
“Time is running out for the world’s remaining 3,200 tigers, largely the result of habitat destruction and escalating illegal poaching,” said Leonardo DiCaprio, a WWF Board member. “WWF, the government of Nepal and local communities are on the front lines of this battle and I am hopeful this grant will help them exceed the goal of doubling the number of these noble creatures in the wild. I am grateful for the amazing support our Foundation has received — especially to our partners at Christie’s who helped create an historic night for conservation fundraising with the 11th Hour Auction.”
The 11th Hour Auction, held back in May and featuring 33 works of art from some of the world’s greatest living artists, raised over $38.8 million for conservation. This latest donation to WWF represents the first of many organizations that evening’s success will help sponsor.
“Leonardo DiCaprio defies expectations in leveraging his voice and influence to restore tigers and their habitat in one of the most hopeful places on Earth,” said Carter Roberts, President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “His foundation is all about delivering real results for conservation on the ground and empowering local communities; nowhere is that more evident than in Nepal. The numbers speak for themselves and we are grateful for our partnership.”
DiCaprio’s gift will help sustain Nepal as it moves ever closer to its goal of doubling wild tigers by the next Year of the Tiger in 2022. To learn more or donate, hit the Save The Tigers Now website here.

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