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Monday, December 16, 2013

My brother loved R. Buckminister Fuller

So I was so glad to find this site on The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability that is housed in a dome-style design made famous by Mr. Fuller.  As we reported this week, Christmas/New Year's is the perfect time of year to contemplate the convergence of building one eco-system of faith.  Not one that excludes any measure of inspiration-- God, nature, financial, science...they are all wonderful and there's plenty of room, just like there's room under this dome, under our umbrella of building a clean, bright future.

Stay tuned to WARL 1320 each Weds, 1-2p as we explore elements of faith this month, and you'll find lots of our TV reports on  Here's the link.  Enjoy:

 "This dome-shaped building is The Center for Spirituality & Sustainability. Designed by renowned architect R. Buckminster Fuller, the Center presents all the continents of the world so that if you were to look up to a specific country, you would see the stars as they appear from that country. The Center holds a library of religious material, lounges, a kitchen, and areas for meditation and study. Catholic Campus Ministry has an office in the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability. Students may take part in a variety of interdenominational services offered through the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability, as well as participate in various leadership and service opportunities. "

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