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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just in time for the New Year, the host of the biggest New Year's bash, NYC, bans styrofoam!

This is a wonderful win for NYC and a great step forward for all of us who hate Styrofoam.  What a great place to set the first ban.  We think it is like the first shot heard around the world.

Clearly, large users of Styrofoam, like Dunkin Donuts, have lots of other choices.  We have no doubt it is making those choices affordable that hinder their desire to change.  Too bad--DD and others have a terrible, irreversible impact on our world.

At least in NYC, they will not be serving their customers medium and large coffees in Styrofoam cups.

Here's a great, wonderful start to the new year.  We will also be running, over the next couple of days, stories from USA Today.

"New York’s City Council voted unanimously to ban the use of Styrofoam, making them the largest city in the United States to adopt the ban.
Mayor Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill into law before leaving office at the end of the year. In a statement, Bloomberg said, ”Foam pollutes the waste stream, making it harder to recycle food waste as well as metal glass and plastic.” Statistics show that New Yorkers throw away 23,000 tons of Styrofoam in a year.
“Most foam ends up in landfills where it can sit for literally 500 years or longer,” said Speaker Christine Quinn. “The only thing in the world that lives longer than cockroaches or Cher is styrofoam.”
The ban will take effect in one year, unless someone can prove that Styrofoam is recyclable, which doesn’t seem likely to happen."

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