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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Can we sustain?

Peace on Earth, good will to man, a child is born each day, with special gifts, a we destroy it by destroying the world that child is born into?

There's a zillion ways to enjoy Christmas and all holidays in a truly earth-friendly, people-friendly way.  Did you?   Early tomorrow morning I will drive by neighbors homes and see either overflowing garbage bins or overflowing recycle bins.  See LED lights on trees and houses or something much less efficient.  See people getting up with a renewed spirit, knowing a very special  baby was born on Dec 25, or simply returning to the mundane.

Across the world night is now day, day is in full swing, day is dawning.  That baby, we know from the history books, was born with some divine powers.  Those powers were, in essence, granted to bring love to the world.  Love and forgiveness.  Our hope you feel reborn, renewed and tied forever to the one true eco-system that sustains life.   And love.

And to those beautiful babies born today and everyday thereafter, welcome.  Our job is to help you be great.  Everyone of you.   Live in the light.  Fill with peace.  Inherit the Earth that we hope to protect everyday.  Be grateful everyday.  With gratitude comes fulfillment.
Welcome to the first day to the rest of your life !! Make it a great day !!
A Good Day starts with a positive attitude .  Be great.

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