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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Comments on the blog and part of tomorrow's show

First, thank you to everyone who is posting some great comments and advice on the blog.  We'd love to have some of you contribute material to us on a regular basis.  Feel free to go to our site and email us if interested.  You'd be joining a great team of global contributors.  And, again, thank you so much for your constant feedback and guidance.  

Second, here's some background on two of our guests tomorrow and the organization they will be talking about:

"The RENEW Energy Initiative is a non-profit business association driven to promote the expansion of alternative energy and energy-efficiency in organizations throughout New England. As a nexus to information, people, capital and other resources REI seeks to fill the energy needs of businesses that boosts efficiencies, reduces carbon emissions and increases corporate competitiveness. Primary service delivery is through a series of member networking events and formal training programs.

Paul Fournier: Chair of the Board, Founding Member
Paul Fournier is current chair of the board of directors. He is a founding member of REI. Paul used to own 3 car dealerships in New England. And one of the dealership was one of the top 20 in the USA at its time. He was president of the National Jeep Dealer Council under Lee Iaccoca. At 65, he retired from his car business and worked for RIEDC as Chamber Ambassador for 8 years. Paul founded REI with other REI founders while he works in the commercial real estate industry.
Dennis McCarthy: President/CEO,Founding Member
Dennis McCarthy, founder and Managing Director of MGD & Associates, has, since 2006, focused his consultation and development efforts on renewable energy and energy efficiency. He has worked with a team of professionals in assisting municipalities with energy management, including developing photo voltaic solar and wind projects, sourcing federal and state funding for energy retrofits, managing performance contracts with Energy Service Companies, reporting performance outcomes and managing internal and external relationships with clients, vendors, attorneys and government officials.

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