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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SOLAR SISTERS, Inspiration with Spirituality

One of the great stories we are reporting on this week at:  Come take a look when you can:  

Our first profile this week takes us to the beautiful countryside of Wrentham, Massachusetts, a small New England town that could have been the inspiration for a number of Norman Rockwell paintings. Myself having grown up one town over in Cumberland, on the Wrentham line, I had the good fortune of being able to spend many of my childhood summers playing, fishing, and visiting Wrentham. One place that was a regular stop was the Big Apple orchard. One day after picking apples and blueberries, my mom drove up the road a bit to explore, and to our surprise we discovered Saint Mary's Abbey. We had no idea that this beautiful and tranquil monastery even existed, and back then in the 70s, the days before internet, or cable TV, it was a very unique find. - See more at:

Also, tune in today as we talk live--1-2p, EST, to Stephen O'Neil, Worcester Regional Transit Authority and he tells us about their changing hubs, technology and investment in electric buses, and we bring in Martin Orio, President of NEGPA as we explore investments, and the ROI, in geothermal systems. 

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