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Friday, February 17, 2017

For a future show/Woman of Wind Energy

For a future show.  Stay tuned at Renewable

WOWE - Women of Wind Energy

WoWE Mission & Goals

WoWE's Mission: Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) promotes the education, professional development, and advancement of women to achieve a strong diversified workforce and support a robust renewable energy economy.

Photo Courtesy of National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The rapid growth of the wind industry holds great promise for the world's energy future and green careers of today and tomorrow. But historically, women have been under-represented in the wind industry.  This fact affects not only women in our field or contemplating it, but also the wind industry as a whole.  How will wind energy reap the full advantage of women's talents, energy, and ideas?  
Women of Wind Energy, or WoWE (pronounced WOW-ee) was founded in 2005 to ensure that women can play a full, productive role in the development of wind power.
Building women’s place in wind energy is not only the right and fair thing to do; it’s a solid strategy for success. The equal engagement of women in the work force and in senior management have been linked to greater organizational communication and efficiency, broader consumer awareness, and increased profitability.
In 2011 WoWE began a preliminary effort to better understand the gender demographics of U.S. wind energy companies. The study included review of existing research and data, a survey of members of the AWEA Human Resources Working Group, and polling of WoWE program participants.  The early results were published in WoWE's WINDPOWER 2011 poster.

Become part of Women of Wind Energy

WoWE invites everyone – women and men alike – to help us accomplish our mission. We support wind energy education, training, and inclusion for women entering our industry; offer professional and career development tools for women already in the field; provide numerous opportunities for networking; and publicly celebrate stories of women in wind.
For both newcomers to WoWE and long-time friends, we invite you to join our public email list and to become a member of WoWE if you haven't already. It will only take you a minute or two to join the WoWE network and be the first to hear about news, opportunities, and programs.
Please join WoWE today!

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