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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Is There a Case for Supporting GMO Crops?/Renewable

When it comes time to discuss climate change, most of us would say "let's leave that to the scientist".  To their data and expertise.  When it comes to evaluating GMO's, should we leave that up to farmers?

If so the results may surprise us.  Two major farming organizations here make the case for biotechnology and GMO use.  Question is:  Why?  Clearly one of the reasons is they feel there will be further environmental damage, such as use of more water, if we stop using genetically modified organisms.  Pretty stunning, right?

Perhaps not.  Perhaps there is a case to be made on both sides.  How do we find so much conflicting data that, paradoxically, supports both sides?  Is the truth, as it is so often, in the middle?

You can finish reading this fascinating story at Renewable  We know this report stirs controversy.  It stirs emotions.  It strikes personally as we think about what food we will eat.  

You have a chance to weigh in.  Send us your comments.

RNN likes to be opened minded when it comes to the opinions and thoughts of all individuals and groups. That being said, we came across an interesting article that has two large farming organizations making the case for GMOs. We invite you to explore the article and see if they make a strong case for GMOs.

The majority of U.S. farmers and ranchers indicate biotechnology and GMO crops as an important solution in helping raise crops more efficiently, according to new survey results released today from the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) and National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). With technology shaping today's farms, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are one tool in a farmer's toolbox to enhance production and grow and raise our food supply more sustainably.

Over 280 farmers across the United States were surveyed about their attitudes toward GMO crops. They were asked to weigh in on a range of topics regarding the impact of GMO technology on the environment, pesticide use, and yields, among others.

Findings conclude that farmers believe biotechnology helps raise crops more efficiently, and that the environment and sustainability practices will suffer if GMO technology utilization is reduced in crop production in the future. Seventy-eight (78%) percent of farmers foresee increased environmental impacts—including an increase in water usage and application of pesticides—if GMO seeds were not to be available to them as a choice in crop production....

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