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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Over 105,000 Projects took Advantage of this Important Clean Energy Program!

Jigar Shah, a guest on past shows, is a true international leader on financing a clean energy economy.  This article directly hits out sweet spot on the business side of green.  Seed money, capital, proper tax credits, good financing, readily available financing to developers is key...on every continent.  This reaffirms what happens when that money flows.  Growth in local, clean energy, ,jobs, better technology, more control to communities and rate payers.


In 2009, the US Government made it attractive for real estate and other investors to invest in renewable energy projects through the 1603 Grant Program. The 1603 grant program did not increase the total spending on subsidies, but instead democratized the program to make the tax credits available to private taxpayers in the form of grants.This in turn allowed thousands of young companies access to much needed capital for their projects. There are over 105,000 projects that took advantage of this program. Many of these real estate investors have received solid returns since 2009 and are looking to sell their assets. The challenge is that projects under $10 million are generally too small for institutions to bother. Clean Capital has a put in place a platform to process these deals cost effectively. 

The United States is at a critical point in the transition to a clean energy economy. In 2016, over 14GW of solar energy was installed in the U.S., an 88% increase from 2015. This rapid growth of solar energy has driven down installation costs by over 70% since 2009. 
However, many pockets of the clean energy sector remain capital constrained. Many first movers who developed distributed generation projects in 2009-2015 remain capital starved to advance their development pipeline. Similarly, opportunities to sell distributed generation assets in this fragmented market remain limited and inefficient.    
This is why CleanCapital and Generate Capital are excited to announce a new partnership, which will provide a seamless process for project owners to exit their operating clean energy projects, unleashing much needed capital to advance their development pipeline....

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