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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SunGlacier’s X-Model Creates Water Out of Air With Climate-Friendly Solar Power

We love finding and reporting on new, green technology.  This a similar unit we profiled last year that is working well in Africa.

Water is our most valuable resource.  Finding inexpensive, clean ways of bringing large volumes to every community around the world will push us way ahead on our quest to build global social and economic equity.  Great innovation:

SunGlacier solar-powered water maker - eco urban water

Based upon the Peltier technology, the SunGlacier team has designed a solar-powered water maker called X-model, which operates without any batteries and current inverters. It includes a photovoltaic panel and has the capacity to generate power for the 18W Peltier element minimizing the heat level in the aluminum block below the ambient dew point.

No Moving Parts Means Low Wear and Low Maintenance

The project was initiated by Ap Verheggen who wants to introduce positive signals related to changes in the climate. He believes that the climatic changes in different parts of the world is dynamic and has a deep impact the culture. With this rapid change in climate, there is a need to give a quick response to this issue.
SunGlacier solar-powered water production with x-model - eco urban water
This SunGlacier concept includes a unique and innovative artistic design. It has been tested and possesses great potential for further optimization. The temperature of the aluminum cooling element surface is beneath the dew point of ambient air because of which the water will start condensing on the surface of the element. 

Theoretically, X-model can produce water for decades until the solar panel or the Peltier element ceases to function

Experts in the field also claim that the project will be able to create ice and water in a desert environment through solar energy. It is only necessary to reduce the surface temperature of the aluminum below 0°C. Unfortunately, that requires a lot of energy due to the high temperature difference. On the other hand, the desert’s sun provides enough powerful solar radiation for the conversion of electricity in temperature differences by making use of the Peltier effect. However, there are some issues that need to be addressed as well like what climatic facts need to be considered in a desert environment, where water can be found in enough quantities and how will adequate freezing capacity be generated to create and sustain an amount of ice within the environment.

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